Leopold Auer is remembered as one of the most important pedagogues in violin history and was one of the most sought-after teachers in the Russian School of violin. Throughout his career he taught the most gifted students at St. Petersburg Conservatory, The Juilliard School, and the Curtis Institute. Most of his students went on to achieve star status as solo performers. Their names speak to the enduring impact of the Auer technique and include the great violinists Jascha Heifetz, Miron Poliakin, Efrem Zimbalist, and Mischa Elman.

As a child Olga began her violin studies with her mother, herself a noted teacher and performer who had studied with Auer’s student Miron Poliakin at St. Petersburg Conservatory and there received the teachings of the great Leopold Auer. Olga subsequently continued her studies with worldclass teachers at St. Petersburg Conservatory with Rebenkov, and at Moscow Conservatory with Yankelevich and Bronin, an assistant to Leonid Kolgan. Olga’s pedagogical technique is firmly grounded in the great Russian School through the lineage of instruction from Leopold Auer and modified by her own experience in teaching young students. Olga came to the United States, having been awarded a special green card for extraordinary ability. She was a master teacher for several years at Levine School of Music and later opened her own violin studio in Virginia. Today Olga enjoys national recognition as one of the premier violin teachers of gifted students in the United States. 


If you or your child are interested in becoming part of the legacy of the great violin masters of the Russian School, Olga Khroulevitch is a proven teacher who is known for her extraordinary ability to combine technical skill and passion to make beautiful music that can transform your life. The journey is just beginning